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Animating or editing in time to music or voice can become a tedious process when working inside precomps, you may end up jumping back and forth between your main comp and your precomps, awkwardly placing markers at key points or copying your audio into your precomps and making sure it’s always lined up correctly. Let’s not even go into the times when you’re working inside comps nested even deeper.

Universal Audio is designed to be a seamless solution to working with audio in precomps, so you never need to break your creative flow when timing to sound, it provides one button to give you audio reference where ever you are by making your selected audio layers flow throughout all your comps, as well as maintaining all markers from your audio layers and providing several useful options, such as including time indicators on the reference layer and providing visual reference throughout your nested comps to help you time to an animatic where ever you are.

Using comps that are stretched, reversed or time remapped? Universal Audio takes this into account and cancels out any time altering affects from within that comp, it’ll even use some fancy math to calculate time remapping keyframes that will cancel out any time remapping applied to that comp, meaning that wherever possible, it’ll find a way to make sure that whatever you’re timing to within your comps is in line with your main comp as well as giving you a button to take you back to the source of the audio.

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